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Solar Incentive and Rebate information at North Carolina State University's Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy



See Insolation and temperature for your location. from NREL Redbooksun & temp


See PV Installed cost in your area from NREL Open PV ProjectNREL Open PV


A must for every designers toolbox solar pathfinder


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PV Designer


Msft Access applications to quickly design, price and performance model small residential PV systems.

PV Design software made easy and inexpensive, cutting soft cost and development barriers.


TPVS products are database applications to marry solar resource, componate specifications and user or client site characteristics to standard design protocals and calculations.

The first step of a PV design is "proof of concept".

Does the site and user have the circumstances that provide a viable economic / enviromental benefit?

With standard site/user information you can design workable systems that incorporate componant offerings that meet specifications of string, inverter specifications and expected production values.

  1. Client zip code, brings NREL data to use for calculations
  2. Client electrical use and costs, brings basic system size and savings
  3. Define basic site characteristics and drill deeper into design and savings of what fits.
  4. Configuration list, helps to create workable designs and system documentation.

Save and print summaries and one line diagrams that convey concept and viabilitiy of system design. Changes of system size, desired offset, incentives, rebates, payback are quick and automatic.


TPVS Designer 1.1

PV Design reports

Size and Design your own small PV systems. TPVS Designer allows the 4 basic inputs of location, electrical use, site and components to help build PV systems, model and performance ROI calculations. Intuitive screens helps the user navigate each input and provides suggested configurations to build workable string and micro inverter circuits.

Build with only what you can price. TPVS designer presents the best fit of what you enter pricing for. 1 module and inverter combo's are easy for paper calc's, but add 10 modules and as many inverters and you have your work cut out. With TPVS, use the configuration bar to present best fit of desired power within the defined space and actual workable string configurations or source circuits. More....

Sample Report .PDF

TPVS Dwg.1.1

PV One Line Drawing

Create PV one line diagrams of your ideal system.

Helps calculate VOC low temp, Vmp, STC, PTC, Sq.. ft... area and weight of up to 4 strings or micro inverter circuits.

Sample Diagram .PDF

Boost your visual effect of proposals and quotes. More...

One Line Diagram, PV drawing